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Meet The Team

Paul Landry (often mistaken for Bruce Willis)

Growing up in northern Canada, I've always preferred the colder seasons. From an early age, I ventured out on snowshoes and skis in the winter and by canoe in the summer to explore the untouched wilderness around my home community of Smooth Rock Falls. After participating in an Outward Bound course, I realized I could combine my love of the outdoors and working with people so I joined the Outward Bound schools where I worked for 10 years, the last four as Program Director. After Outward Bound I moved to Baffin Island in the Canadian Arctic to start an extreme adventure travel company. When my children left home to attend school, I started guiding expeditions to the North & South Poles. When not trekking to the ends of the globe, I spend my time traveling, kiting, listening to music and drinking coffee or beer.
My passions are music, politics, kiting, scotch & coffee.
I don't have much patience for bureaucracy, crowded urban areas and boring movies. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than taking young fit men across the ice

Why not drag a tyre up the only Munroe in Aberdeenshire! Dr Evil: Serena