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Meet The Team

Rory Sweet

Dr Evil:

Rory, (or Roy, as he was called by the lapdancer via text in training in Austria), is the oldest in the team, Rory is 39 years old, father of three and owner of a six foot wooden penis in his garden.

HIs is a story of rags to riches - he used to live in a 1 bed squat with 2 other people surviving on potatos and pot noodels but due to his processor like brain used his Boffiness to good use. He now runs three companies, Zycko, Hardware.com and Power Tone Studios. Prior to winning the 2005 Polar Challenge he took the more lazy approach to sport by competeing in the Gumball Rally three times and getting arrested ten times while crossing the USA. He also has a polo team called the Vampire Bats which have real trouble scoring when presented with a free shot at open goal.

Why not drag a tyre up the only Munroe in Aberdeenshire! Dr Evil: Serena