Random CPUK photograph from the gallery

Meet The Team

Henry Cookson (often mistaken for the incredible hulk in mid change)

Why not drag a tyre up the only Munroe in Aberdeenshire!

(We try not to make him angry!)

At 31 Henry is the "baby" of the team. Henry is a qualified guide having taken expeditions to Aconcagua(6962m) Argentina, Rwenzoris(5109m) Uganda, Meru(4566m) & Kilimanjaro(5865m), Tanzania. He also gives talks about his trips as well as being a published photographer.

PLease visit his website: www.henrycookson.com

Over the years he has worked as a guide on a riding safari in Kenya, Jackeroo'd on a 300,000 acre sheep station in Southern Australia, been a banker for Goldman Sachs in the city, tried his hand as a builder and managed to get himself arrested and subsequently splashed all over the press for paint balling box bound David Blaine.

Along with Rory and Rupert, he was part of Team Hardware.com who won the 360 mile race to the Magnetic North Pole - the 2005 Scott Dunn Polar Challenge. In preparation for this upcoming trip, the team trained on the Greenland Ice Cap with world renownd Polar Guide Matty McNair in May 2006.<