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Team N2i successfully conquer the Pole of Inaccessibility by foot and kite on 19th Jan '07

Team N2i having reached the POI with Comrade Lenin
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UPDATE: Team N2i Officially recognized by the Guinness Book of Records

The team now have a 'promo' video of their trip on this link (click here)or visit www.henrycookson.com

On Jan 19th 2007, Team N2i consisting of Rory Sweet, Rupert Longsdon, Henry Cookson and Paul Landry entered the record books by successfully be the first people to reach the Pole of Inaccessibility on foot. They traveled over 1700km in 49days using a combination of man hauling and kite skiing to reach this remote point. On their arrival they were greeted by a statue of Vladimir Lenin raised above the ice plateau who had been left there by the Soviet 3rd Antarctic Expedition back in 1958. They were flown out to the Russian research base Progress by ALCI using a DC-3 which had to do a 3500km round trip for the pick up. The daily updates of the trip can be viewed on the "Latest News" page.

Henry and Rory are now trying their hand at something a little different and off to Argentina this New Year (Jan 08) to climb Aconcagua.

The team is sponsored by Zycko Ltd , Hardware.com , Power Tone Studios and Power-Plate International

We are raising money for the Calvert Trust (Exmoor) which is an organization that enables people with disabilities to participate in a variety of adventurous outdoor activities.