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Our Gear

Flexifoil Blade and Concept Air Moove and Smart Kites

Flexifoil 8.5m Blade

The kites are crucial to the success of the expedition, enabling us to thrust deeper in to the continent thus penetrating into the center of the unknow Antarctic. We will be using 3 types of kites from Flexifoil and Concept Air. Their size range is 3.5m, 6.5m, 8.5m, 10.5m and 11.5m - deciding which size to use depends on wind speed, terrain and weight of the pulk and kiter which will be up to 35stone/ 220kg.

Flexifol have been building performance Kitesport products for over 25 years. They aim to give flyers the ultimate kitesports experience. All there kites are designed and built to the highest standards to deliver the best possible performance. They are equally committed to growing the sport by spreading the word and encouraging as many people as possible to join the growing kite community worldwide.

We will be using their Blade range of kites. For more info please visit the website www.flexifoil.com

Concept air are a Canadian based company - we will be using their Moove and Smart Kites.

Patrick Woodhead - Antarctic Adventurer Kite Sking With the XMarkX Pulk Flexifoil 8.5m Blade